2008 Q4 - Starting Out

2009 Q1 - Beam Shelves

2009 Q2 - Stern

2009 Q3 - Stern, Hog

2009 Q4 - Stern

2010 Q1 - Frames & Ribs

2010 Q2 - Frames & Ribs, Afterdeck

2010 Q3 - Hull, Afterdeck

2010 Q4 - Floors, Cabin Sides

2011 Q1 - Bilges, Engine Room

2011 Q2 - Deck Beams, Ports

2011 Q3 - Deck Beams, Cabin Aft

2011 Q4 - Maindeck

2012 Q1 - Maindeck, Foredeck

2012 Q2 - Foredeck, Electrics


This has been a slow quarter but we are making progress around the wheelhouse and on the foredeck.


cabin sidescabin corner detail

fore deck beamsfore deck beams

fore deck carlinsfore deck beams



The electrics have been planned for a long time, there are many pages of circuit diagrams waiting. Work has started on building the various control panels and boxes that will be needed, most of these will be installed in the engine room. Some of the meters are still to be found, it is difficult to find ruggedized versions of some of them.

This is just the beginning of building the various systems that are needed.


DC distribution box

24v DC Distribution box


AC control boxAC meters

230v AC box, it monitors the inverter and shore power


battery meter boxbattery meters

Battery Monitor box


The three boxes here are for AC Power, DC Distribution and Battery Monitoring. The battery box includes the automatic engine room fan controls and the fire alarm system because they are interrelated. The AC box includes a mains frequency meter for which I had to design a driver/transducer circuit.

These panels use banks of very high quality circuit breakers (from Ditel in Spain) and rugged, sealed, military grade meters. They will connect to various other parts: an isolation transformer, charger, inverter, etc. made by the Dutch company, Victron.

Once installed all these boxes will be connected up with tinned copper cable.