2008 Q4 - Starting Out

2009 Q1 - Beam Shelves

2009 Q2 - Stern

2009 Q3 - Stern, Hog

2009 Q4 - Stern

2010 Q1 - Frames & Ribs

2010 Q2 - Frames & Ribs, Afterdeck

2010 Q3 - Hull, Afterdeck

2010 Q4 - Floors, Cabin Sides

2011 Q1 - Bilges, Engine Room

2011 Q2 - Deck Beams, Ports

2011 Q3 - Deck Beams, Cabin Aft

2011 Q4 - Maindeck

2012 Q1 - Maindeck, Foredeck

2012 Q2 - Foredeck, Electrics


Iroko covering boards. Richard made the scarfed corner pieces. Fastened with marine grade stainless screws. The inner edges are notched for the decking.

covering boardscorner piece

corner piececorner piece



These Iroko pads go under the deck to provide reinforcement around the holes for deck lights and vents. We machined a fancy rim on them.

pad for decklightpad for decklight

pad for decklightpad for decklight



At last, the beams are faired, the covering boards and pads are installed and the decking is machined. We are laying the deck. The planks are dry fitted first to check that they are fair, then the beam tops are painted with red lead before the final fixing.

The planks are bedded down into Sikaflex (squirty rubber) and fastened with A4 stainless screws. We used hex head screws because they are available in the size needed and they easier to drive in with the help of a drill.

teak deckingteak decking

teak deckingteak decking


A solid teak deck which should be good for decades.

teak decking