2008 Q4 - Starting Out

2009 Q1 - Beam Shelves

2009 Q2 - Stern

2009 Q3 - Stern, Hog

2009 Q4 - Stern

2010 Q1 - Frames & Ribs

2010 Q2 - Frames & Ribs, Afterdeck

2010 Q3 - Hull, Afterdeck

2010 Q4 - Floors, Cabin Sides

2011 Q1 - Bilges, Engine Room

2011 Q2 - Deck Beams, Ports

2011 Q3 - Deck Beams, Cabin Aft

2011 Q4 - Maindeck

2012 Q1 - Maindeck, Foredeck

2012 Q2 - Foredeck, Electrics

stern plankingplanking

stern plankingcopper fastenings



Oak bearers to support the bulkheads, fastened with copper and bronze. The original bearers floated above the frames but the new ones have an additional function, as boats age they can sag either side of the keel, the new bearers are much bigger than the originals and fully fastened to the hull to prevent this.





Where copper fastenings were needed we cut lengths of copper rod. The thickness varies depending on the original that is being replaced but most are 1/2 or 5/8 inch diameter.

We peened one end over a bronze washer to make a head and then threaded the other end to take a bronze nut. This keeps the head shallow on the outer, plank side and allows the fastening to be tightened as needed now, and in future. We had to make a lot of these fastenings and became very practiced at it. A drop of thin oil helps to thread them smoothly.

copper fasteningoak supports

repairscopper fastenings



A large quantity of teak became available. Having already laid the afterdeck in pine we had to make a difficult decision - we changed our plans and lifted the deck again to relay it in solid teak.

teak deckteak deck

teak deckteak deck caulking


Finishing work on the afterdeck. Caulked with cotton, payed with Sikaflex.

teak deck payedteak deck payed

teak deck payedteak deck underside