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Survey 2007

In 2003 the vessel was renamed Mahalia. In 2005 she was bought by Thomas Hodge who took her to Ipswich and for a time lived on board. A new heating system was installed and repairs were made to the side decks. In 2005 she was seaworthy enough to take part in a return to Dunkirk again.

In 2007 Glala passed to her current owner. Outwardly she seemed to be in reasonable condition but it was clear that she was actually in need of a great deal of work. A survey showed that she would need new decks and that there might be further problems hidden below. It was also clear that the engines, electrics and plumbing would need a lot of attention.

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Ipswich Haven Marina 2007


The work done in the 1980s almost certainly saved her but, because of problems in the deck and some of the materials used, it was bound to rot in the long term. Around 2005 repairs were made to the side decks but by 2007 much of the superstructure was in decay: leaking decks, crumbling beams, galvanic corrosion, dangerous electrics and she was taking on buckets of water a day from failing joints around the stern. In fact it was the bilge pumps that were keeping her afloat. She was in trouble.

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Rot under the deck aft but the wheelhouse is not so bad.

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The forecastle, 2007. Ply linings removed, teak frames and planking being cleaned.