Glala was originally fitted with a pair of Thornycroft 50hp paraffin engines. In 1939 AEC fitted two of their diesel engines, one six cylinder and the other four. She retained this odd pair of AEC engines for many years.


Gardner 6LXB engine


In 1985 Glala was fitted with a pair of Gardner 6LXBs, made in Manchester. They are ex-military automotive engines converted for marine use. One was built in 1970 and the other in 1971. These engines were in poor condition before we started work but they have been totally rebuilt by Gardner Enthusiast with new cylinder heads and a replacement block and will now produce 150hp at 1650rpm. They will be reinstalled with new exhaust and cooling systems.

The gearboxes are made by Self Changing Gears Ltd of Coventry, they are a contra-rotating pair of type MRF 10B.

Other equipment to be installed includes an ex-military 6kW 24v DC generator and a Sea-Fire fire suppression system.