Motor Yacht Glala 1985

Glala in 1985


Glala is a classic motor yacht built by A.R Luke before the First World War. She has had an eventful history that includes service with the Royal Navy and the National Fire Service in the 1940s.



The opportunity to own a beautiful and unique Edwardian motor yacht, a vessel in the National Historic Fleet and one of the largest of the Dunkirk little ships.

She is a restoration project. The major repairs have been done: the hull is sound, she has new solid-teak decks, most of the superstructure is restored, the engines have been rebuilt - and all of this has been done to the highest professional standards. But there is more to do, the exterior needs finishing and she needs to be fitted out.


A range of skills will be needed. Supervision by someone with experience of building and restoring wooden boats would be useful and, although the major structural work has been done, there remain some jobs that would be best done by an experienced shipwright. But most of the remaining work is fitting out and that requires the more general skills of joinery and cabinet-making. If you have some of the skills yourself and could recruit your own people with the skills needed then she is a practical and exciting proposition.

A professional survey was done in 2011 while work was in progress, it is available here:


... and some drawings of the new proposed layout. There is work to do before she looks like this:


This new layout makes better use of the interior space by eliminating the various corridors of the original. At the same time it is not overly modern and can be built to be in keeping with her character. The PLANS section of this website describes these renovation issues.

Glala is still out of the water but the restoration is more than half-way there, the really difficult shipwright work is done and now she needs finishing. If you are interested in taking her on, would like to visit her or just want to talk about the possibilities, you can contact us here;



Glala is 78 feet long, 51 tons (GRT) and traditionally built out of teak and oak. She is powered by two Gardner 6LXB engines.

On special occasions Glala wears the flags of the National Historic Fleet and the Association of Dunkirk Little Ships.

This website documents her history and the work we are doing to restore her.


Motor Yacht Glala 2008

Glala in 2008


historic ships red ensign

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historic ships red ensign dunkirk little ships flag